At San Martin de Porres, we believe that Faith Formation occurs within the family, and that parents are the primary spiritual and moral educators of their children. We believe that the first church is the domestic church found in each and every home. Parents are integral in the role they play in their children's faith development, and serve as their primary teachers and role models. When parents introduce their child to the formal Faith Formation process, they are acting on the promises they made at their child’s Baptism to raise that child in the Catholic Faith. The parish’s responsibility is to support parents in their role as primary teachers and evangelists of their families. Through a combination of lessons in the home, weekly sessions in the church community, and participation in Mass, young people in our parish have the best possible chance to live a full and loving life in the Catholic Faith. Parish-provided Faith Formation instruction includes the following:


$50 for one child, $65 for two siblings or $100 for 3+ children in the same household.

Registrations will NOT be accepted unless you bring past sacramental certificates (Baptism and Holy Communion Certificates).

Space is very limited and are dependent on amount of Volunteer Catechists and room availability.

Please consider a volunteer position as a Catechist or Teacher Aide.

Parents are required to sign-up for FLOCKNOTE as this is the main platform for communicating Catechism announcements and updates. Sign up below.

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