R.C.I.A. (The Rite of Christian Initiation For Adults)

  • Want to know the basics of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church
  • Have never been baptized
  • Have been baptized but have not been Confirmed in the Catholic Church
  • Have been baptized but have not received First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church

For more information on the process of RCIA please visit the External link opens in new tab or windowUSCCB website.

Registration Form

RCIA begins August 15th, 2021!

All Students and family for all classes are asked to attend Sunday, August 15, 2021, Solemnity Mass, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 10:00 AM. This is the kick-off for 2020-2021 Religious Education year.

Sacramental Preparation Registration Criteria: Must be able and willing to attend classes faithfully. Please complete this form all the way through.

Personal Information

First Name: Last Name:

Date of Birth: Gender: Male Female


Mailing Address

Street City Zip

Physical Address, (if different than above)

Street City Zip

Name of Father:
Name of Mother:

Religious History

1. What, if any, is your present religious affiliation?

2. Have you ever been baptized? Yes No I am not sure

(If you answered "Yes" to Question 2, please provide the following information:)

(a) In what denomination were you baptized?

(b) Date or your approximate age when you were baptized:

(c) Baptismal name (if different from the current name):

(d) Place of Baptism (name of church/ denomination):

(e) Address, if known:

(f) Location, if known:

3. If you were baptized as a Catholic, check those sacraments you have already received:

Penance(Confession) Eucharist (First Communion) Confirmation


Current Marital Status

(Check the appropriate statement(s) below and provide any information requested beneath each statement)

1. I have never been married.

2. I am engaged to be married.

(a) Your Fiance(e)'s Name:

(b) Your Fiance(e)'s Current Religious Affiliation (if any):

(c) For you: This is my first marriage. I have been married before.

(d) For your fiancé(e): This is his/her first marriage. My fiancé(e) has been married before.

3. I am married.

(a) Your Spouse's Name:

(b) Your Spouse's Current Religious Affiliation (if any):

(c) For you: This is my first marriage. I have been married before.

(d) For your spouse: This is my spouse's first marriage. My spouse has been married before.

4. I am married, but separated from my spouse.

5. I am divorced and I have not remarried.

6. I am a widow/widower and have not remarried since my spouse's death.

Family Information

(List the name(s) of any children or other dependents (e.g., Daughter-Jane, Stepson-John).

Relationship: Name: Age:

Relationship: Name: Age:

Relationship: Name: Age:

Relationship: Name: Age:

General Questions

1. What or who has led you to want to know more about the Catholic Faith?

2. Please describe the types of religious education you have received, as a child and as an adult.

3. What contact have you had with the Catholic Church to date?

4. What are some of the questions or concerns you have about the Catholic Church?

5. At this point in time, which of the following statements best describes your present feelings and thoughts about the possibility of joining the Catholic Church? (please circle one)

A. I need much more information about the Catholic Church before I would consider joining.

B. I am considering joining, but I am still unsure about it.

C. I am fairly sure that I would like to join, but I still need some time to study and pray about it.

D. I am fairly sure that I want to join the Catholic Church.


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