Knight of Columbus

 *Monthly Meetings, 1st Monday of every month. @ 6pm (K of C Room)



Council #10070 - San Martin de Porres Parish

Council Officers

For the 20182019 Fraternal Year

As of: 07/01/2018

Grand Knight Tom Murphy

Chaplain Rev. Juan Carlos Aguirre

Deputy Grand Knight Jim Harris

Chancellor Gammy Saez

Recorder Tristan van Hoorebeke

Financial Secretary Steve Slye

Treasurer Louie Gil

Lecturer Harry Meyer

Advocate Geoff Ferlan

Warden Ray Kline

Inside Guard John OBrien

Outside Guard Bryan Martinez

Trustee 1 Yr. Dick Johnson

Trustee 2 Yr. Jim Kirby

Trustee 3 Yr. Myrl Johanning

*If you would like to be a Knight of Columbus, or you would like to know more about it, please contact: Steve Slye (Membership Director) 520-399-3332.